The secrets of a perfect golf swing

Golf is a sport which is more about the technique than the strength. The correct mechanics of a golf swing is important for every player. Though it may seem very easy to perform a full swing, it is actually not. The ease and élan with which the players perform it, makes it seem easy. Many have faltered the first time they have attempted a full swing without proper practice or knowhow. Since the golf ball is pretty hard, a faulty swing may turn fatal if the ball lands on a spectator. One may wonder how it is possible. First of all it should be known that a perfect grip is must. If the club slips out of hand while performing a fully fledged swing, then it may hurt the player itself or the caddie or fellow players.

Next is the stance. If it is not proper the ball may go anywhere hurting others. Since a lot of energy or rather force goes into a swing, risks should not be taken. The starting posture of a golf swing should be like an athlete with the knees a little bent and the body weight perfectly balanced among the knees and the ball of the foot. A stable hold is must otherwise the player may topple down. Following the stance is the back swing. Here is where most of eth mistakes are committed.  With people not paying enough attention to the details, they get it all wrong. The correct way is to move backward slowly towards the right leg without hinging the wrists. The whole body should move starting from the shoulders. As soon as the club is parallel to the ground, the wrists should bend pointing the head of the club upward. The golf swing is half completed by the complete turning of the body with the left shoulder and chin aligned together, and the club parallel to the left forearm.

The next part of the swing is the downswing. The name itself suggests that the movement is in the reverse order. This culminates into that perfect stroke which sends the ball bolting towards the target hole. Downswing should come naturally if the backswing has been executed perfectly. Rather than bringing the wrist downward, the shoulders should be moved keeping the wrist unhinged until the club is parallel to the ground. Now to complete the golf swing the wrists are unhinged keeping the club head in line with the ball.

Just before the club strikes the ball, the body should be as it was in the beginning. The weight of the body balanced. The head should be behind the ball and the club head in line with the target. After the impact the body should turn slowly towards the target with the end of the club pointing towards the belly. The body should continue rotating unless the chest and the hips are facing the target. The left leg should carry the most of the weight, completing the golf swing.

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