Mastering golf with a few tips!

Among all others, golf is considered to be the sport of the elite classes around the globe and this addictive game forms an integral part of their life. It all started in the Scottish islands and soon became a primary game for many counties. As a sport, it requires practice and time. It is surely an addictive sport because one struggles to play several bad shots in order to get one good shot placed correctly. This reminds you of the age old moral “try and try until you succeed”.

To an onlooker, the game of golf might appear to be very simple. However one should ask the players, especially the beginners, to understand that the truth is deeply different. Playing perfect golf is an art to be mastered and hence it requires a lot of hard work to even become an average golf player. To be in the right track one must learn lots of corrections and shortcuts from the trainers. To begin with, one must possess an inner passion for the sport. Relaxations and enjoyments should be the incentives that would drive the player to give the efforts for those long hours. With every shot, you can improvise upon the mistakes made and try out the next with new enthusiasm.

Choosing the right golf club is very important to learn and practice the game. This enables the player to be in touch with the best trainers who will give some useful tips to improve the strokes as well as the swings. Many of us think that a greater force will lunge the ball into the correct hole but it is not true. A correct posture with proper concentration will surely hit the target. However experienced golfers suggest that there are wide variations of the perfect posture which varies from individual to individual. Being relaxed before one plays the shot is very important and most of the players miss the hole due to excessive tension on the field. Swinging needs some extra attentions to be given. The stroke should be such so that the shoulders and the arms swing like a pendulum but the wrists remain stiff to support the shot. The grip should not be too tight, and the arms should be relaxed. A smooth and slow movement will add that classic touch to the shot. One must not swing the head along with the stroke and the eyes must remain glued to the ball.

One advantage of playing golf over other sports is that in spite of being an excellent form of physical activity, it does not carry the high level of risk of injuries like other sports. It is a very sophisticated game played by true gentlemen, and does not give the players any causes of physical pain afterwards. To become a good golfer, it is very important to have that mental strength to concentrate on the ball. One must understand that a bad shot is not the end of the story! It is only a premonition of a great shot which is coming shortly.

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