A few cricket rules

Having been one of the most entertaining games of the world for the past few years cricket has gained immense popularity in so many countries. Two teams, consisting of eleven players each, take part in this game whereas each team has a twelfth man who can’t bat or bowl or keep but can take on the field whenever a player gets injured during the game span.

There are two on-field umpires to take care of the laws of the game. The two umpires are give their verdict whenever an appeal is made and their decision are the final one. They also decide the wide balls and no balls. When the situation seems too tricky for the on field umpires they can consult it with the third umpire who is on the upstairs. The third umpire judges the call by watching the situation in a slow motion replay. There is also a match referee who sees the game closely and after the match he reports whether there was violation of any kind in between the game.

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