14 Ways to Become a Better Basketball Player

Being a prominent basketball player is not that easy. However there are 14 different ways which can easily help a player to become dominant in the court. They are:

1) Show of aggression – A Basketball player must be sure of every move taken by him. He must be sure of what he is going to do next. An excellent Basketball player is aware of the next step; if he is not he will definitely lose his skill in the court.

2) Ability to take successive try – A superior attempt is always expected from the players; however the urge to make attempts better unless they are successful is noticed in the players of superior quality. It may happen to a player that he may fail to succeed in the first attempt but he must try until he gets a good result in return.

3) Be optimistic – Optimism is a huge quality that any player must possess. Before one starts to play he must think that he is going to win. Positive thinking makes a player win the half game. Is anybody start a game with the thinking in his mind that he may not succeed he will really face a tough situation ahead.

4) Be self-assured – Along with the optimistic attitude what you need is to believe that you yourself can cross any kind of hurdles in the court. Any obstruction for you is definitely not worry of yours. The dominant players show their confidence in the court which makes the opponent insecure.

5) Acquire excellent shots – Be sure that whatever shots you are going to take is going to be an excellent one. Do not hesitate in considering the quality of the shots. Take shots according to your ability and this will automatically become a good shot.

6) Be an admirable associate – Basketball is not an individual’s game it is played by the team and hence a good co- ordination is required among the players. A good player must keep in mind that his quality will excel in being a good colleague.

7) Make fast ups and downs – The time interval in between going above the floor and reaching back must be as less as possible. This will make the opponents in trouble.

8) Be obedient to the manager – Listen to what your manager commands you. Coach is the one who takes the decision of every detail of yours and hence you must abide by what he asks you to do.

9) Be defensive – Players who are defensive often proves to be good player. The victory lies within the technique you take in the match. Being defensive will definitely help you in this regard.

10) Be calm enough – Less you commit fouls more excellent your game will become. So avoid making fouls as it will not help you in anyway. Playing aggressive basketball does not at all mean that you are going to commit fouls.

11) Go on practicing – practice makes a man perfect. Therefore the most convenient way to make you an efficient basketball player is by spending more time on practicing. The less practice will effect in your own game.

12) Be strong – Basketball players must be strong enough to face hurdles. Being afraid or being weak will not help you in any way. So the only option left in front of you is to become strong enough.

13) Offer an excellent free shoot – the free shoot offered by a player must be of high quality. This would ultimately help you in becoming a good basketball player. A grasp free throw is very important in this game. Hence try to be more perfect in this field.

14) Behave like the most hated opponent – It is quite obvious that you are going to hate one who creates a wall in front of you. Therefore try to play like the opponent whom you hate the most.

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